Back to writing. That’s what there is.

So what am I learning?



My mind lets so much slip away from it these days, it seems to have lost whatever stickiness it once had. I am barely worthy to be here amidst all this beauty. The humility of being so miserably human, I must watch for the smallest signs of how to move
from the breeze that blows the winter grass.


Oh how I wish for what is done 

to be undone

Oh how I yearn for light to come 

before the blooming dawn

The light that shows the beauty that surrounds us

The light that shines through all that binds us.


Minds are clouded. Hearts are bound

While all we really need to do

is turn around

And see the face that’s there behind us

Thawing all the ice that binds us.

Loving eyes that melt all blindness 

And watch each step with loving kindness.


Its presence is there in every tree

In earth that crumbles down the scree

Its dark, damp fragrance filling me

With such stirring desire to break free

As if I were a sprouting seed

Casting off a leaf of weed

To find the sun from which I feed.


We need. We need

But it’s for each other 

That we plead.

It’s for the bleeding 

Face before us

Sorrow, fear 

In every tear.


Pull her gently 

To your breast

There oh there

Is where she’ll rest.