The Dream


“Swim,” I said, “Come swim  with me!”  

 Soon tide shifts from dark to light. 

 We float adrift in some vast sea

 Where forms are hazy, lost from sight. 


Here we dwell where even stars

 In their nature are not bright 

Seen through remnants of desire

Present only through some sense 

Drawn from nights we spent with fire. 


Time is done, this space untethered, so immense. 

The forms of day can only catch us 

By setting subtle  traps of pretence. 


“Swim,” I said, “Come swim with me” 

The passage through from night to night

 Is sought in dream and memory. 


Nothing hold us from our flight 

Through dim, cool tunnels drawn by tide

Concealed from senses smell and sight 

Discovered only when we slide 

Through some great hole unknown by mind 

That travels inside to inside.


Here where we drift, we’re far from blind 

This nothing is where sight begins

 Here exists the unconfined.


Swim with me. “Come swim with me!”

Dark is drifting into light

Let us surface from this sea

Yet hold the vastness of this night. 

Let us slip the reins of earth

That grasp and clutch to hold us tight.


Swim the swelling of that well

And in the silence calm and deep

Float where only being dwells.



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